About The Shop

Mission Statement

Totally Good Time exists to bring good.

Where We Are

We are located in Upstate New York in the small village of Margaretville.

About Totally Good Time

Totally Good Time is a lifestyle shop dedicated to inspiring shoppers through nostalgia, referential phrases and good will. The shop features original handmade inclusive apparel, accessories, and more for everyone.

An extra special focus is placed on thoughtfully creating original apparel and accessories you can’t find anywhere else and focusing around pop culture. When creating the pieces, I think about you wearing it and the fictional character behind the garment. This focus inspires me to keep creating, and alongside the Totally Good Time shopper, it’s what drives, motivates, and moves the needle.

Totally Good Time was founded in 2015 in San Diego, California by Kyle Menard who designs, creates, makes, ships and handles every aspect of the business.

A Little Bit More Background

Some people are just super into pop culture and I happen to be one of them. I remember being a kid and opening up Mariah Carey's "Emotions" cassette tape as one of my prized Christmas presents. I would analyze the contrasted stark artwork and the deeply profound album notes. Not being able to get enough of this type of medium was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between myself and pop culture. Fast forward years later and I found myself working at the Boston pop culture music chain, Newbury Comics. To get the job, you had to pass a general music test of matching genres to artists. I started work days later. Some years passed and I was hungry for more. I picked up the phone from my southcoast Massachusetts life and dialed Orlando, Florida. I asked to speak to a manager and asked if they were hiring, she replied, "yes, we are." Days later, I moved to the land of Mickey Mouse and weeks after that began work at the biggest music and movie store in the world, Virgin Megastore. 

Every inch of that store was etched into my brain. Every artist, every movie, and every book was on my radar. My days were filled with pop culture lessons and knowledge on the industry. Insatiable for more, I started looking at internships in the music world. Some time passed and I moved to New York City to simultaneously pursue internships at Sony Music and Viacom VH1/MTV. The pop culture wasn't just a hobby, it was now part of my DNA.

Years later, while in California, I knew it was time to make a leap for myself. Where that leap would take me felt unclear. I started creating tote bags with a homage to Mindy Kaling as the graphic. Then, the tote bag turned into a tee. Instagram was starting to really boom and Mindy Kaling saw the tee and regrammed the image from the Totally Good Time profile. Totally Good Time officially took flight that day.

In the past years, Reese Witherspoon, Elisabeth Moss, Nicole Kidman, Jared Padalecki, Amy Schumer, and many more have been spotted wearing the pieces I create. The pieces I create for the love of the industry. As a fan, it gives me so much joy to see the good these pieces bring to the lives of the TGT community. I'm in a deep love affair with designing these pieces and packing them up to send to the TGT shopper. With a touch of optimism and a handful of pop culture, we are creating a space that's made just for us. Just for those who are looking for a totally good time. 

- Kyle Menard, Totally Good Time