Why Mel Horowitz is Secretly All of Us

Why Mel Horowitz is Secretly All of Us

By Hilary Loverher

Stern, dry, sardonic; Mel Horowitz is a lot of things--mainly a softy--and his duality in Clueless calls for some of the most iconic moments the movie has to offer.  Mel Horowitz is an ultimate mood and we all know it.

1. We all hate dieting…

As much as I love hearing about your newest Keto recipe or the benefits of celery juice, let me live with the comfort of knowing I won’t prescribe to any of it because I’m too distracted by pizza rolls. Yes, eating healthy is ultra important, but who here hasn’t just wanted to enjoy a damn cheeseburger without being told every negative side effect? Solidarity, Mel. Solidarity.

2. We’re all secretly M&Ms…

Hard exterior, sweet interior. His love and appreciation for Cher, his paternal instinct towards Josh--Mel is a sweetie pie! Some of us are more sappy than others, but we all have that one person or thing in this world that we melt for: our best friends, our partners, our pets, or, like Mel, our kids.

3. We all have opinions on questionable fashion choices…

For Mel, it’s his daughter in a short dress going out with a guy who wants to be James Dean. For me, it’s anyone who wears bucket hats. We all have our things.

4. We all share his opinions of high school guys…

Listen, I’m not here to pull any punches or insult Christian...but Mel is all of us when he calls him out on his “date” with Cher. Sometimes, we all just want to put that one arrogant guy in his place. Mel says what we’re all thinking and he can be my sounding board any day, tbh.

5. We all have our OTPs…

Yes, Josh may be totally transparent when he makes excuses to follow Cher to that party, but Mel totally knows what he’s doing when he lets Josh go. We all have relationships we root for and; we’ll even try to pull the strings when we can. We talk up our friends to their crushes. We try to play match-maker. Heck, sometimes we even force connections. Why? Because love is awesome and even a hard shelled guy like Mel knows it.

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