What Episodes of New Girl Feature True American

What Episodes of New Girl Feature True American

The game of True American on the beloved 10s show, "New Girl" kicked off with an appearance in episode 20 of season one, and we never looked back. Let's take a look at the five episodes that feature True American throughout the series.

New Girl True American episodes

Don't play True American without me!

With the release of the True American hoodie, it's time to compile all the "New Girl" True American episodes where you can find (and learn?) how to play the game. 1, 2, 3, 4, JFK, FDR!

Season 1, Episode 20, Normal

The first episode that True American is featured is in season 1, episode 20 titled "Normal." The episode kicks off with the boys playing the game and Jess is on her date with Russell. She hurries back to the loft fearing the boys "need" her and not only exclaims, "don't play True American without me" but ropes Russell into the game too.

This first episode is the best way to find the rules of the game. We learn there are four zones, an alternate crazy zone, a trail of chairs, the floor is lava, pawns (beers) are soldiers of the secret order, the king of the castle (Jack Daniels/hard liquor) is in the center of the pawns, and it all starts with a shotgun tip off. Then, all exclaim, "1, 2, 3, 4! JFK! FDR!"

Season 2, Episode 15, Cooler

This episode features the game, but "with a sexy new twist: Clinton Rules. Pick your intern." Someone is the president and the vice president. Exclamations of, "I am not a crook!" and "Westward-ho, son, westward ho!" are shouted. This episode also features Nick and Jess sharing their first kiss.

Season 3, Episode 20, Mars Landing

This episode features a straightforward, albeit, quick game of True American. Not much has changed and there's a focus on Gin. "Gin! Gin! Gin!" The gang gets royally blitzed. Beware of gin.

Season 5, Episode 21, Wedding Eve

Welcome to True American: First Lady's Edition." This edition of the game features classic shouts like, "Decorate!," "Rushmore!" and "Seneca Falls Convention: Women Only!" This episode features some highlights before the big wedding of Schimdt and Cece.

Season 7, Episode 8, Engram Pattersky

The final episode to feature True American is the final episode of the series. This edition is titled, "True American: Packing Edition!" This edition game features "manifest destiny!", "I like the look of that Ox!" and "Almost to Utah, Uncle Brother!" The final game of the series may break you into tears as it leads into a touching moment for the characters.

One thing about True American that is certain is that each game leads to a pivotal moment in the characters lives. As much as its about having fun, and enjoying this crazy game, it's about coming together and building upon the relationship. 1, 2, 3, 4! JFK! FDR!


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New Girl is not a 00s show. Season 1 aired in 2011.

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