TGT Featured on the Mailchimp Podcast!

TGT Featured on the Mailchimp Podcast!

Day after day, I sit back and listen to other people's podcasts and think, "I have something to say, it would be nice to be featured on a podcast one day and share some of the story of Totally Good Time." Well, my dream came true and today is that day.

The beautiful people over at Mailchimp and their podcast, Call Paul (hosted by Paul Jarvis), invited me to speak to Paul and chat about a day in the life at Totally Good Time in their new segment, Small Business Spotlight. The ins, the outs, the designs, and the drama (jk, there's no drama).

The pod kicks off with a moment in the rain, but it ends with doing what makes you feel good. Go ahead, lean back in your seat, and spend eight minutes listening to me talk about myself (so good at that) and the shop as I prepare for worldwide domination the day, and the future of TGT.

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