Re: Mariah Carey Pieces

Re: Mariah Carey Pieces

The five year anniversary of TGT is approaching fast and I've been taking the time to carefully look back at how my shop began. Over the past year or so I've been working at curating a tighter roster of pieces that are offered and then expanding upon those favorites. One of the favorites in my shop has always been Mariah Carey. I wanted to address that about two weeks ago I received a cease and desist from Mariah's team, Live Nation. Or as Mariah might call it, A No No.

Each and every piece that was made to honer Mimi is no longer available in my shop. While this disappoints me, I can absolutely understand that Mariah (and her team) want total ownership of something offered in her likeness.

Moving forward, I may try to create a few pieces that are more vague in honoring the Voice and offer those at Christmastime. Thank you for being super supportive of my Mariah Carey pieces over these last five years.

- Kyle

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