GUGHD Newsletter 02 November 2016

GUGHD Newsletter 02 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

This newsletter is mainly about Black Friday, but how many newsletters do you receive that recognize the best day to give thanks, you got me! Happy Thanksgiving to you - the coolest shoppers in the world. Thank you for shopping at Totally Good Time, sharing your wears and spreading the word on TGT. You rock! Okay, okay, Black Friday sale.

Happy Black Friday Sale!

Here's what's happening for Black Friday and through the weekend. You, the newsletter subscriber elite, are the first to know. Everyone else has a vague idea. This Friday, from 6am PST to 12pm PST the sweatshirt collection will be half off - that's right 50% off. How am I doing this? I have no idea. From 12pm PST to 12am PST shipping will be free. All shipping. Saturday through Monday will have lighter, but similar sales.

Living in Southern California and then visiting New York last week had me realize how completely out of touch I am with the rest of the globe. Y'all are chilly! It is chilly everywhere. This is your moment to snag that sweatshirt if you've been waiting. I'm wearing one right now. In Southern California. Because guess what? It got chilly here.

Be sure to follow us on all social media. There are two RT contests running right now on Twitter and one on Instagram for Gilmore Girls merch. If you're a fan, this is your moment for a possible easy win. Lastly, soliciting likes for our lonely Facebook! If you have any great ideas on how to improve upon the TGT Facebook to which a general audience would be intrigued, I'll send you a free item of your choice from the shop. That Facebook is a hard nut to crack!

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