The first pop drop of 2022 is here and it's a bzz! Inspired by the Showtime series, Yellowjackets, two pieces have just landed. Let's take a look at the players!

The first piece, a navy short sleeve tee, is inspired by the idea that the Yellowjackets safely landed and won their championship game. The yellow front-facing design features the Wiskayok High School name, Yellowjackets, and a soccer ball with the year 1996 inside. Made to elicit that team player feeling.

The second piece, a charcoal gray sweatshirt, features a yellow f4ront facing dancing graphic that reads, "There's No Book Club?!" This piece is a lot of fun and not just for Yellowjackets fans, but for anyone that needs their book club!

Both pieces are made up in limited quantities and limited edition. Available now.

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