New Drop! Scream Gale Weathers Book Tour '97!

New Drop! Scream Gale Weathers Book Tour '97!

The latest drop is here and you could call it the annex to the last years Scream drop! Gale Weathers Book Club Tour '97 hoodie and joggers join the rest of the collection. Also dropping are two new accessories

The fridge talk bubble magnet, "my mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me" and "Proud Parent Woodsboro High School" bumper sticker.

The Gale Weathers set is straight out of the 90s. The tour is implied to take place after Scream 1, but before Scream 2. Adorned with aback facing graphic featuring Gales works in the mid 90s followed by a list of book tour dates. The book tour dates feature Waldenbooks, Borders, B. Dalton, and some more easter egg type shops. The first and last date are a nod to the release dates for Scream 3 and Scream 4.

The joggers feature a glowing quote that only Gale would put on her merch with additional graphics to pull the look together.

Available now.

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