New Drop | Camp TGT Out Now!

New Drop | Camp TGT Out Now!

Let's go to camp! The latest drop, Camp TGT, features four different camp inspired tees! The Parent Trap (Camp Walden), "Salute Your Shorts" (Camp Anawanna), Dirty Dancing (Kellerman's Mountain House Catskills), and Troop Beverly Hills (Wilderness Girls of America) are all represented and live in the world they're inspired by.

What trip to camp happens without a field trip? Camp TGT is taking you to the city of sin, Las Vegas, and we're bringing you a fresh style inspired by the HBO Max show, "Hacks"! The Deborah Vance tour features fun tidbits in reference to the show and a quote that only the keenest of viewers would recognize.

The Camp TGT drop is out now! Shop the collection.

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