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Mariah Carey References The Shop! *Updated With ABC News Too!*

mariah carey

She's at it again. Shout out to friend of the shop, Keith Tyndall, who was wearing his I Don't Know Her top from the shop when he bumped into Bravo TV's Andy Cohen at Mariah Carey's Beacon Theater Christmas concert in New York City!

Andy then displayed Keith rocking his marvelous IDKH tee on his InstaStory on Instagram. A couple days later, Ms. Carey was on Watch What Happens Live and Andy brought up the shirt. A minute later, I was crying tears of joy in fetal position on the floor of Totally Good Time HQ.

Big thanks to Keith for sending me this fun mention. I literally live for stuff like this. Check out the transcription on Entertainment Weekly (and below) and watch the clip below.

"People love the debate over whether or not Mariah Carey ‘knows’ Jennifer Lopez so much that there’s even an ‘I don’t know her’ t-shirt,” said Cohen.

“They make their own merchandise,” Carey said of her fans, a.k.a. lambs.

“I know, they bring their own merch,” said Cohen, laughing before taking the focus back to Lopez.

*Update: ABC News has done a small profile this piece and has featured the shop (0:40 mark)!
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  • Keith Tyndall on

    Awesome post! Love the shop and will continue to support!!

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