GUGHD Newsletter 015 June 2017 - Instagram Photo Tips

GUGHD Newsletter 015 June 2017 - Instagram Photo Tips

Summer has arrived! Okay type-A’ers (kinda me, basically checking myself), about five days away from the official calendar date, but safe to say we are all feeling those good time summer vibes! Whoo!

Hello Good Time Gang!

Oh summer! The sweet smell of fresh cut grass clippings, ocean waves crashing into the sand and the nostalgic sound of the ice cream truck powering down the street to deliver a sweet treat straight into greedy hands. Wait, that was so last year. This year we’re all like, the smell of too much trash on the sidewalks, fights breaking out in overheated underground subway tunnels and the sounds of sirens powering down the streets. We’re now officially in Brooklyn! Hooray! On the real, it’s very exciting to bring Totally Good Time to the east coast and have a completely different daily visual inspiration. The streets are packed with pedestrians and it’s a trendsetters inspirational paradise. But if inspiration is hard to come by, we come bearing help.

Photographer, Chelsea Toves, reached out in April and we worked on a fun collaboration for this newsletter. With Totally Good Time tees in hand, Chelsea and company set out on a Washington state road trip snapping pictures and letting the lols roll. I asked Chelsea what her top tips for a successful photo journey are and she provided us with a few good ones. I love how Chelsea’s tips go hand in hand with finding and evoking inspiration.  It always feels like that’s step one of a successful journey towards whatever it is you’re seeking. Check out Chelsea’s tips below!

Next week we’re going to kick off our summer photo contest! Keep Chelsea’s tips in mind, our summer vibes in check and your fave TGT summer apparel adhered to your body. Okay? Okay.

Lastly, as a thanks for your patience during the move, use code “summer15” to save 15% off your entire order until Sunday! Hooray! There’s a bunch of super cute new arrivals!

Yours in a good time,

TGT Shop Owner

1. Have some good music playing when shooting: I love turning music on when taking portraits of people. In my own experience, playing music takes the edge off those who don’t usually like having their portraits taken. It makes the situation not so serious and they can jam out to their favorite songs. Dancing to music also makes the best candid-fun photos.

2. Try new things: Even if you think those new ideas will fail, you never know until you try! That is huge when figuring out your own style when taking photos. This always happens to me, thinking outside the box and I end up liking the end result.

3. Don’t always plan things: Whenever I shoot with my models, my mind always wants to plan things. I have visual inspiration, locations that I want to shoot at, and poses I want to try and do. Now, having a plan is always good, but in my experience the best photos were surprisingly not planned. Just get to know your model, walk around, and get comfortable with them. This makes the best photos.

- Chelsea Toves
Find Chelsea on Instagram here

Literally: Hella Lit New Arrivals

Casting! Looking for faces in New York City to join our photo gang for social media and online! Must be in New York City, no experience necessary. Comment below if that's you!

Pride AF: Get Your Pride On, Hun


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