The Summer Collection Is Here!

The Summer Collection Is Here!

Summer, summer, summer time...time to sit back and have a totally good time! The summer collection has arrived! Let's dive right into this great big pool of TGT summer realness!

I've been on working on the summer collection over the past few months. Basically, it started with a lot of ideas and then I kept editing. And editing. And editing. The one thing that I really wanted was for this collection to be cohesive with what TGT stands for and represents. Fun, outgoing, positive pop culture realness. There's a hint of a cultural reference from past, present and today mixed into every piece.

I've updated and added about eight new sweatshirt and hoodie variations. There's crops and standard sweatshirts. Living in California made me aware that you need a full on sweatshirt at night. Living in New York mad me aware that you need a crop sweatshirt so your back can breathe. East coast, I know you know what I'm talking about.

About 20 tees were added or updated. All of the tees were inspired by lingo and moments that we use every day and some recall nostalgic moments from years past. I tried to mix in a lot of earth tones with basic primary colors.

My model, Barbara Ramos, and I went all around Brooklyn earlier this week and shot just about every piece. I told Barbara we were going for real, happy, outgoing moody moments. I'll continue to shoot with more models throughout the next couple weeks to add more viewpoints, so you can better understand fit.

Something else I'm excited about is that this feels (it might actually be) like the best thing ever done at TGT. I'm most proud of this collection. I can't actually recall a time in the last three years where I debuted a line versus just adding in new arrivals every so often. My hope is that you connect with the pieces, feel empowered, are ready to lol and let the good times roll.

Comment below if you have a fave piece! Also, all the stuff from TGT past is in the shop all section. I'll never remove those staples that I know you love. Have a great summer and tag your pics #SeeMeLookGood on Instagram to get featured! I want to see how you put your looks together and how you have a totally good time!

In good times I trust,

TGT Founder + Operator



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