GUGHD Newsletter 021 September 2017

Kyle Menard

GUGHD Newsletter 021 September 2017
Hey Gughd Time Gang!
Hope you’re enjoying the first few days of fall and living your best life! I want to give
a warm fleece-lined welcome to all our new subscribers! This is our little spot to have
coffee talk, shop talk, TGT deals and partner with fun bloggers on tips and their style
ideas! Also, big heyyyy to all the existing subscribers – you guys are the best!

First off, today is #NationalCoffeeDay, so check the end of this newsletter for a
coupon code off Gilmore Girls goods. Also, we have some new arrivals and colors
and those are featured below as well. So like, hooray, y’all!

Now for some real talk! I’ve spoken a bit on the next topic before, especially coming
off Etsy where it was an “anything goes” mentality. Recently I got to thinking “who is
Totally Good Time?” The shop is honestly all over the place. Are we 90s or nostalgia?
Are we originals or pop culture themed? Are we for introverts or extroverts? This has
been on my mind for a long time and I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to
answer that question. Then, I went to the Coterie women’s fashion trade show here
in New York City. I was rocking a pair of jeans and my fave top from the shop, “I’m
sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me.” The show was extremely inspiring and enlightening. I
spotted a newer brand to the market that I’ve been loving as I was walking around
the floor. I won’t say the name, but it rhymes with “Jetty and Harmonica.”  

When I approached the J&H team of three they were all smiles. I exclaimed with my
usual enthusiasm how excited I was to see them IRL and that I found the retro vibe
of the brand inspiring. Once I started to talk more, their smiles turned to smirks and
their eyes wildly glanced at one another. Two of the three promptly looked back at
their cell phones and one stared at me blankly as if saying, “you don’t belong here.” I
immediately felt the heat and said my goodbyes and walked away hurt. The day went
from inspiring to shattering in a flash.

After a day of self-pity (let’s be real), that’s when it hit me who Totally Good Time is
and what type of brand we are.  Totally Good Time is for outsiders. When I think of
the pop culture pieces featuring Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things and
Heathers – they are all outsiders. Lorelai Gilmore, Will Byers, Meredith Grey and
Veronica Sawyer are definitely on the edge. Even the nostalgia and original pieces
such as “Sanderson Sisters” and “tired and gay” are outsiders. Totally Good Time is a
brand that will never judge you. Totally Good Time is a brand that is inclusive and
accepting. We want to connect to the things you love, root for the underdog and
champion those that are succeeding and doing it well.

I’ll never look at that J&H brand the same again, but they did help me realize who
Totally Good Time is and how the brand will continue to grow for the years to come.

With alll of that said, fun things in the works and I’m excited to share those with you
soon! But first, coffee. No, first check out the rest of the newsletter.

Yours in a good time,
Kyle, TGT Shop Owner



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