GUGHD Newsletter 06 February 2017

Love On The Brain?

Maybe Not.

February is here and it's either a couple weeks of love and romance or a couple weeks of self-deprecating misery. If you fall into the latter category, we got your back boo. You our boo. New arrivals have landed and alongside fresh pop culture and political pieces, there's a slew of new Daria approved apparel

This GIRLS Life

The outspoken, vivacious and ultimate girl friday, Lena Dunham, has mentioned the shop on her Instagram Stories! Maybe you saw it, maybe you missed it, but I'm here to tell you about it. The Girls guru was rocking the "lol ur not hillary clinton" from the shop. So many lols, so many more actual tears. Thanks, Lena!

Twitter Giveaway Going On Now

For the past month we've partnered with @TalkFastGilmore on Twitter to do a fun Gilmore Girls Prize pack Twitter Giveaway! The giveaway is going on now and ends 2/18. It's easy to participate, so follow TGT on Twitter and check out the pinned to tweet to win!

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