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December Newsletter

In The Words Of Michael Jackson:

This is it. We are in the final few days of ordering and receiving by Christmas Eve! Last day to order and receive by Christmas Eve is December 20th! International friends, your deadline was a few days ago. My Canadian friends, you're cutting it clllllose. Like Nick Jonas Close. Place those final orders now to avoid a panic attack and sending a stressed out email my way!

First Name Short, Last Name Round.

I'm keeping this newsletter short, because it is newsletter season. AMIRITE? Here's some new stuff.


One last thing, the first five people that reply to this newsletter win a free tee and a 50% off coupon code (coupon expires Monday). Why? Because why not! After the first five people, 50% coupon code for the rest of ya filthy animals (again, expires Monday). Also: Follow TGT on Twitter. Follow TGT on Instagram. Like TGT on Facebook.

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