Cher’s House is the Ultimate Shelter-in-Place Palace

Cher’s House is the Ultimate Shelter-in-Place Palace

by  Hilary Loverher

Stay, and I can’t stress this enough, home. Quarantine has been hard; no one wants to be grounded at home, yet here we are.  Though I haven’t lost my mind just yet, I have been thinking of all the places I want to go when all of this is over--and every place I’d rather be than home.  My ultimate COVID getaway? Cher Horowitz’s house.

1. Fresh fruit whenever you need it.

I mean, it’s a lemon tree but fresh produce without needing to leave your home?  Sign me up!

2. A kitchen full of the essentials.

It’s the main reason why Cher is so annoyed Josh hangs around, but all of that food really comes in handy during a quarantine.

3. An endless combination of outfits to try out in seclusion.

What better way to spend your days in isolation than trying out bold and risky fashion choices to debut when you’re allowed back in the real world?

4. Entertainment for daaaaays (or weeks).

Want to watch a movie?  Go swimming? Workout? Get some WFH done?  All of the above? Good, because you’ve honestly come to the right (and perfect) place.

5. Enough rooms in the house to give you all the space you need.

What better way to walk out of a quarantine than by not murdering the people you’re holed up with?  And if you’re alone, you have the space to feel like you aren’t stuck inside. Win-win, honestly.

6. Josh.

Do I even need to elaborate?  It’s Josh.  He’s the ultimate shelter-in-place partner.  Your conversations would be way existential (if you can even find the sense to speak, I mean JUST LOOK AT HIM).

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