Cher Horowitz is the Feminist Icon We all Deserve

Cher Horowitz is the Feminist Icon We all Deserve

by Hilary Loverher

It’s pretty obvious, considering Clueless is based Emma by Jane Austen, that Cher is a feminist.  She voices her opinions freely, she is strong and independent, she looks out for her fellow women (most of the time)--sure, she may not be perfect, but Cher is the best feminist role model we could have asked to grow up with; considering this movie is old enough to rent a car, Cher has aged well in the 21st century and she should be celebrated for decades to come!

1. Her body, her choice

Cher says it best, and it’s true: you need to have standards for yourself.  Treat yourself like the royalty you are and don’t settle for less! She doesn’t let Elton pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do; she only tries to move forward with Christian when she is sure about her feelings for him.  She doesn’t let her friends teasing pressure her into a decision she’d regret. Cher is the boss of her own body and she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do #yesqueen

2. Her inner (and outer) makeovers

You should never change yourself for someone, it’s true.  Cher makes over Ms. Geist, Tai, even herself, in an effort to promote betterment, not change.  Ms. Geist should want to take pride in her appearance. Tai should want to work on her body and mind.  Cher should want to care about the world, local and global. These are things we should all want to do.  It isn’t about the clothes or the makeup, but about the growth made in the end.

3. She’s always Team Tai

Even if Tai can be way harsh, Cher shows an endless amount of support towards her friend.  Beyond her initial befriending/makeover, Cher takes care of her at social outings, offers her emotional support on multiple occasions, and this is a big one: lets Tai make her own mistakes.  Cher lets her flex, allows her to be extra, and never holds it against her. That is best friend goals right there.

4. She’s tenacious as hell

Cher speaks her mind, but she won’t insist upon something unless she knows she’s right. She doesn’t school Josh’s date on Hamlet to be a petty know-it-all, she does it to prove she isn’t the airhead people perceive her to be (and Josh rightly respects her for it!).

5. She is hella inclusive

Cher is incredibly progressive.  She’s the kind of feminist we should all be because of her inclusion--immigration rights?  She supports them. LGBTQ visibility? She’s here for it. Why wouldn’t you want to take a page out of her book?

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