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'Bout That Mug Life! We Now Carry Mugs!

New item in the shop alert! Mugs! Mugs have arrived! Ring the alarm!

My mind had been made up about carrying mugs in the shop, but something transpired and I did what many people do - I changed my mind.

Every blue moon, someone would mention the notion of the shop carrying mugs. Initially not quite into the idea, because I felt as though it deviated too far from the TGT brand which is (was) solely apparel. As time moved on, I started realizing that so many original TGT tops would make really great drink ware. "Cancelled Plans Are My Favorite Plans," "Tired and Gay" and of course anything Gilmore would be a mug dream come true. I decided to test the waters with a few initial concept mugs.

After I did the first mug ("Cancelled Plans..."), I was hooked. I love the way the mugs come out and I love designing  the fun pattern to accompany the main phrase. Currently, we have some main TGT staples in the collection. There's about six-ten mugs in the shop right now based on phrases and pop culture fandom. Let me ask you though, what other mugs should the shop create?

<3 Kyle

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