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      The pen pal chain camera returned home December 19, 2019! See below map for more!

      The pan pal chain camera is currently traveling around the United States to various pen pals. The camera shipped March 11, 2019 and has yet to return to the origin point here in New York.


      In late winter of 2019, I got the idea for a nostalgic moment using older methods of communication to incorporate into newer media. The days of having a pen pal felt long gone and I wanted to bring back that feeling. Someone you don't know sending you physical mail. It was important to give this a fresh 2019 update.

      Days before spring, on March 11, 2019, a Fuji Instant Camera was shipped out of my shop here in New York to the first participant in Pennsylvania. Over the course of the following months it circled around the United States from Maryland to Oklahoma to Oregon to California to Florida and so on.

      The idea is for the participant to take one exposure wearing a piece from Totally Good Time. However, to open this up for a wider audience, other methods were introduced. Alternatively, a participant could write a post-it note or something similar with TGT-ish phrase (example, "I Don't Know Her") and use it in the shot of the frame. Once the participant has finished with the camera, they have an option to write a note from a notebook within the shipping box. Then, the  camera and the notebook get packed up and shipped to the next person with the address labeled provided by me.

      The camera could be away for another six months, but pen pals are closer than ever. Check out the map below to see where the chain-camera has been and where it could be headed next.
      *Not sponsored by Fuji
      Map of USA courtesy for The Faceted and is available for purchase at this link.