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Where Pop Culture Meets Fandom.

Totally Good Time is the purveyor of wearable good times. From TV and movies to music and books, the shop stacks the deck and fills a void that's missing in pop culture apparel and accessories. All designs at TGT are original. If you see them elsewhere, that's not the real mccoy.

Totally Good Time handles all aspects of your purchase in-house. The design is created, the materials are sourced and the item is executed. Your new fave piece then gets packed up and shipped out and delivered to your destination for a totally good time.

A Funny Thing Happened (Backstory)

It all started with a lot of failed ideas that eventually led to a good idea.

For years I was hustling working at jobs that made me feel less-than-okay, albeit a couple internships at MTV and Sony Music. In 2009, I started a fun pop culture magazine called, BRINK. I operated the mag until 2015, but it never seemed to take off the way I needed it too. In early March of 2015 Mindy Kaling regrammed a shirt, from my just-opened shop, that was a homage to her. I knew then that I could be sub-par with a few shirts or turn my pop culture fantasies into a full fledged business. One year later I’m here, for you. I think of new things all the time and everything in the shop is designed by me and from my head. I wear my shirts every day and they make me happy.

Totally Good Time is my small company located in San Diego, California. Each order passes through my hands and is made by me with love (it’s true, I really love making these items for you). You’re pretty much going to love your purchase, but if for some reason something ­is not quite right, let me know.

Stay in touch and keep checking the TGT Instagram and site for new products and designs. I’m having a great time sharing my passions and I knew that there were others out there like me that had the same pop culture apparel dreams. It’s my hope that I can continue to develop new apparel and accessories that inspire you to live your own adventure and make you smile each and every day. Let’s have a good time!

Your friend,

Kyle, Owner


Meet Kyle (Employee 1 of 1)

Kyle Menard

Kyle founded Totally Good Time after many, many failed not so good times. He spends his days with compact discs on a constant shuffle between Mariah Carey, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. If not in the midst of making your favorite top, you can find Kyle hiking solo all over southern California.

Charitable Donations

There are items in the shop that have proceeds from each sale donated to charity.

Love Wins

100% of sales from this particular version of the Love Wins tee were donated to the One Pulse Foundation providing financial assistance to those affected by this senseless tragedy on June 12, 2016.

$155.00 donated to One Pulse Orlando Foundation.

Free Kesha

$1 from each sale is split between The Humane Foundation (one of Keshas favored charities) and RAINN.

$95.00 donated YTD (11/16)