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Totally Good Time, founded and entirely run by Kyle Menard, is a street wear shop dedicated to inspiring shoppers through nostalgia, referential phrases and good will. TGT was founded in 2015 in a small space in San Diego, California and is now based in an equally small space in upstate New York. Kyle designs, creates, makes, ships and handles every aspect of the production within TGT. He also handles all social media, marketing, copy, and outreach initiatives which has given hundreds of dollars to charities such as RAINN and The Humane Society. Additionally, he wrote this text.

The shop features handmade inclusive apparel, accessories, and more for everyone. An extra special focus is placed on thoughtfully creating original apparel and accessories you can’t find anywhere else and focusing around the pillars of pop culture, living the best life, introverts and equality. Not only does this focus inspire to keep creating, but alongside the Totally Good Time consumer, it’s what drives me, motivates me, and moves me.

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Mindy Kaling

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Harpers Bazaar (US)

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