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GUGHD Newslettter 018 August 2017

GUGHD Newslettter 018 August 2017

:: finishes the last two episodes of "Riverdale" on Netflix::

Happy Thursday Gang!

Hope your summer has been filled with tons of fun and that you're living your best life everrrrrr! It’s been a fun summer and the shop is full of fresh apparel, fabulous accessories and the best mugs! To all the new subscribers, welcome to the GUGHD Time Gang, you’re going to like it here! To the loyal GTG subscribers, heyyyy y’all!

Six months ago the tone of the TGT newsletters changed and I thought we would take a look back at a few guest post highlights and tips from those newsletters. To read the full posts, peep the blog. I pulled out one tip each and have those below.  I also have shop updates including the latest Spotify GUGHD Playlist August and new arrivals. The shop is literally bursting with fresh inventory and it’s the best time ever to have a totally good time. Save $5 on a future order with code “IGotFiveBucks” (expires Sunday)!

Thank you to those who have contributed to the newsletter and to you reading this now! Until next time, be you, do you and have the best night ever!

Yours in a good time,

Kyle, TGT Shop Owner

Tip 1, Cut It Up: Don’t be afraid to make it your own and take the scissors to it. It can be risky but go slow and you’ll be fine. With this shirt, first I cut the waistband off, then put it on and decided I wanted to take a few more inches off. That’s the key - cut a tiny bit off, try it on, and then cut more. Don’t go too fast! If you want to wear your sweatshirt with low rise jeans and don’t want your stomach to show, put those jeans on to see how it fits before you chop too much. I also cut the bands off the wrists (plus a few inches) since the sleeves were way too long for me.

Tip 2, Try New Things: Even if you think those new ideas will fail, you never know until you try! That is huge when figuring out your own style when taking photos. This always happens to me, thinking outside the box and I end up liking the end result.  I have visual inspiration, locations that I want to shoot at, and poses I want to try and do. Now, having a plan is always good, but in my experience the best photos were surprisingly not planned.

Tip 3, Dressed‐up Diva: Bet you never thought of dressing up your graphic tee for a night out on the town, hmm? But it can be done! When I do this, I always choose a bottom that mirrors the “fanciness” of the event that I’m going to. For example, this look I would wear out to dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. For something dressier, I would pair this top with a sequin skirt and a leather jacket for an event like a New Year’s Eve cocktail party. Accessories are also a fun way to dress up a graphic tee. My black and white clutch was the perfect fit for this outfit (and this backdrop!)


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