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GUGHD Newsletter 01 October 2017

GUGHD Newsletter 01 October 2017

October Needs To Lighten the F Up!

With the current social climate at fever pitch level for the nastiness of the impending election, the sadness of The Walking Dead and the overall down and out bummer of all things conversational - we thought we would lighten things up with this newsletter! Lots of fun styles, new colors and new items are happening right now at Totally Good Time! Tell yo friends, honey child! Totally Cute and Totally New Ohemmgeeeeee, look at all this new stuff you guys! We added new iPhone cases which are sleek, glossy and all things awesome. We also increased sweatshirts and color options which we can all agree was a good idea. We added a sale section too! Take a peek and maybe an add on item will knock your order into the free shipping zone. 

After we did attend Luke's Diner pop up, but didn't attend Gilmore Fan Fest we decided to cry in a fetal position for days until we could bounce back. And bounce back we did! We added more GG styles, phone cases and color options! Check it out, coffee on us. (That was just a cute thing to say, coffee isn't really on us.) Be sure to follow us on all social media. We do lots of giveaways on Instagram Stories and Twitter. Like, it's out of control. OOC if you will. Lastly, bit of personal news here, soliciting likes for our sad Facebook!

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You know how we usually do a little contest at the end of the newsletter? No contest this month, we're calling it "friends and family who gear up for the holidays and themselves early discount code." Use code *totallygoodoctober* to save 25% off anything in the shop. Expires at the end of the month and works once. Use it wisely!

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