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Mulder, It's Me at SDCC16

Mulder, It's Me at SDCC16

Hello friends! Last weekend saw the annual arrival of Comic Con International here in sunny San Diego. Each year, a half a million people (or more) attend the annual conference and check out all things pop culture from meetings and interviews to panels and parties. Some dress up, some dress down and everyone dresses the city in a broad stroke of entertainment whimsy. This year, I wanted to do something for the shop during Comic Con, but couldn't think of what that "something" was going to be. Then, literally the day before the event kicked off, I had a moment of clarity and thought of a great idea.

In August of 2015 I created the Mulder It's Me (and other accompanying X-Files) top. I wanted a straightforward shirt with a simple collegiate type font. Something I could wear anywhere and was slightly subtle.

The shirt was so well received by fans and shoppers and is definitely one of the most popular in the shop. This was a blessing and a curse, because suddenly many other shops (on Etsy mainly) ripped off my design and started selling their own. No big deal, this is the original. Often imitated, never duplicated. Fast forward to last week and I knew that this was the shirt to promote during Comic Con. The idea was in front of me the entire time.

The simple call out of "Mulder It's Me" is based on Agent Scully and her opening phone communication with Agent Mulder. Lurve this YouTube clip explaining the phrase. The idea was to create a simple flyer with "Mulder It's Me" on it and fans would interpret the sign as Scully's voice. Accompanied by a simple alien image from the show on the flyer along with a call to action domain that could forward to the X-Files merch in the store and the visual would be complete. Next up was to to think of that call to action domain. Low and behold, was available. I snagged the domain and had it forward to the X-Files collection in the shop. I created the flyer and put no mention of the shop anywhere on the visual. I could imagine some SDCC attendees disappointed that David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) were not the ones behind, but the idea was to introduce them to apparel they may not have known existed and let them live their fandom out loud.

Another component was to integrate social media into the campaign, but without any mention of the shop being connected to the flyer, the attendee would have to organically discover the connection. This integration worked best on visual platforms like Instagram. I called out for anyone finding the flyer and tagging the shop that they would receive a free Mulder It's Me T-shirt. Guess who's sending a slew of free t-shirts? You guessed right, good 'ol Totally Good Time!

This marketing campaign was such an absolutely blast to execute. It felt great to get outdoors and guerrilla market this campaign whilst in a world of social media with absolutely everything online. Sometimes, it's easy to get one-sided and completely ignore IRL. All in all, the four day campaign was a great success and posts across Instagram and Twitter were discovered by delighted Xphilers. 

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Below are some more screen grabs from SDCC attendees!

See you next year Comic Con!

Kyle, TGT Shop Owner