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GUGHD Newsletter 014 May 2017 - Shop Moved To Brooklyn!

GUGHD Newsletter 014 May 2017 - Shop Moved To Brooklyn!

Hi Good Time Gang!
It’s been a busy May and it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year! ...I’m sorry, that probably just brought you down. Let’s start over.
Hi Good Time Gang!
It’s been a busy May and it’s thrilling that we still have so much time left in the year! Last week we touted the news of an announcement from the shop. Let’s dive into that right now. Okay, here we go.
Brooklyn, baby! The shop is moving from Southern California to New York! Okay, so that may have been anticlimactic for you, because we don’t have a physical location for you to visit. However, there a few things to note.
East coast, you know how you order something and it takes five to seven days to get to you? That will most likely be sped way up to two to three days. West coast, you know how you order something and you get it within a day or two, that will probably change to five to seven days now. ::insert emoji of your choice here:: West coast, don’t fret, we still boo boos.

Seriously, it’s all going to be great and not too much is going to change. California aesthetics may be tweaked to accommodate our new Brooklyn digs, but on the plus side we won’t be posting tank top pics when you all are still wearing winter jackets in North East. We’ll be like, totally in tune.
For this move, the shop will remain open, but orders will take a few days longer. All orders placed between May 31st and June 9th will not ship until June 12th.

This also coincides with our third anniversary! Two years on Etsy and one on our standalone To commemorate the occasion an update has been added on the blog post immediately after the opening of last year. Focusing on lessons learned and what would and wouldn’t be done today.
For you, frands, good time gang, a 15% off coup code for your whole order. Use "WeThisMany15" for anything in the shop and it's good until this Sunday the 28th.  Thank you for being our friend (for real, Blanche), checking out new things in the shop, sending sweet (and sometimes not) emails, tweeting, sharing and basically being exactly who you are. You make Totally Good Time a totally good time. In the words of Esthero, everyday is a holiday, with you.
Yours in a good time,
TGT Shop Owner

P.S. Spotify GUGHD playlist for June is out June 1st!

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