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GUGHD Newsletter 013 May 2017

GUGHD Newsletter 013 May 2017

Hey Good Time Gang!
The latest newsletter is here, hooray! Stalker alert: one of my fave things is following TGT shoppers (aka, you, aka frands) on social media. Okay, so yes, basically stalk you, but it’s like totally innocent and legit. As a shop, it’s interesting to see what you’re into, what you’re loving and what you’re not into and what you're not loving. ::blocks totallygoodtime:: It helps keep the shop in real-time pop culture world and also allows some moments of vulnerability to seep through where it normally might not. Which is exactly what this newsletter is about, vulnerability! Hooray! No, seriously, it’s like totally communal.
A couple years back we followed The Witty Gritty Paper Company on Instagram. TWGPC (love doing that acronym) had shopped a “What Would Mindy Do?“ tee and the rest is history. Over the years, I’ve watched their shop flourish and tell a great story. Recently, I saw a post that Meredith (TWGPC big boss) captioned in regards to “doing it all” on Instagram. It caught my eye and was extremely honest and forthright. The rest of my day went about as usual and the next day I was still thinking about Meredith’s post. I reached out and Meredith elaborated on that post and we have it here below to share with the Good Time Gang (that’s you).
Read Meredith’s letter to her gang and her words on doing it all with a little self-imposed course correction. Also, see below for new items (Tees!, Mugs!, Oh my!) in the shop and more! Next week, a little announcement is coming! Think Biggie, not Tupac.
Yours in a good time,
TGT Shop Owner
P.S. Deleted three-five extra “totally” words from the above paragraphs.

Guest Post: The Witty Gritty Paper Company

After a solid 6 months of dropping off the Instagram radar, this is the part where I would normally apologize for the radio silence, (and I am certainly sorry for it) but I want to elaborate if I could. I love owning a small business, I love designing cards and wrapping orders and taking photos. But as any creative person will tell you, doing these things day in and day out can spawn a lot of negative thoughts, self-doubt and especially burnout. Because in general (and especially on social media) there is so much pressure to always be positive but also to remain honest and occasionally poke through the fourth wall that is a bunch a pretty curated squares, just so people know you’re human too. 
However the thing is, my biggest fear in publicly saying what I’m actually thinking when running my business isn’t all ice cream, rainbows and unicorns is that I’ll seem ungrateful. It’s a thin line to toe because it’s not like I would trade this little company for anything but that doesn't mean it’s ever really easy or simple. And on the rare occasions that I have mixed feelings, I just want to make sure it’s clear that I’m incredibly thankful to be able to do what I do every day, but that nobody just falls into success and even when you achieve it, there are still insecurities and anxieties that leak through. That’s just the way it is.
So unfortunately when these things take the wheel from me every so often, social media falls by the wayside. And I have to wait until the ship rights itself before my thoughts will come out in the way I want them to. Which is a giant shame because I love connecting with you lovely people, and Instagram has never been anything but a source of inspiration and camaraderie to me. So long story short, I'll be posting regularly again to catch you all up on our recent adventures. Thank you all for listening, it's good to be back!

Best Wishes,

Meredith Preve

The Witty Gritty Paper Co.

P.S. We've really been up to a lot. News is that we recently got ourselves A STUDIO!!!!!! Boom Shaka lacka.

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