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GUGHD Newsletter 05 January 2017: Lena Dunham

GUGHD Newsletter 05 January 2017: Lena Dunham

What do you do at night when you're all alone?

Scroll through your phone of course! My night began the same way it usually does. After doing the nightly toggle of Instagram, Twitter, rando news source, rando mobile game, Instagram, Twitter and so on, I began to click that rotating feed at the top of the "gram and watch some Insta Stories.When I rotated to Lena Dunham I immediately spotted she was wearing the "lol ur not hillary clinton" sweatshirt from the shop! I immediately broke down and cried and thanked God for this blessing.

Not really (kinda yeah), but after the instant adrenaline rush of equal parts enthusiasm and validation, I spread the gospel of what Ms. Dunham shared. So how did Lena come across my this sweatshirt?  Here's the story.

After the November election, myself and the other 50% of the country went into shock. I had this "lol ur not hillary clinton' top already in the shop, but after Hills had not won, it took on a whole new meaning. I was watching a little bit of news here and there and came across vocal supporters of Hillary and read how they were processing information. Lena, of course, was one of the first to come to mind. I found an address to send her something where I knew she would have a chance of receiving it. I wrote a little note to include in the package. I scanned her Instagram feed for a color that she might like. I choose heather gray because she wears a lot of mid-tones and while she looks fab in color, I didn't quite like the maroon for her. Am I being super picky for Lena, yes, yes I am.

I packed everything up and shipped it out around December 8th. I never heard anything, but that's totally normal. I never thought anything of it until I saw that Instagram Story. And the rest as they say, is history!

Thank you, Lena, for using your voice the way you do! Speaking up and having personality sets you apart from so many of your peers. Hope it brings you and anyone that wears this top a little humor in a very bizarre time.