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Seven Underrated Pre-Rainbow Kesha Deep Cuts

Seven Underrated Pre-Rainbow Kesha Deep Cuts

Kesha is back in top form with Rainbow, so I thought I would take a look back at her last albums (Warrior, Cannibal, Animal, Deconstructed EP) and her most underrated deep cuts.

When Warrior first debuted it was not my cup of tea. There was something too "easy" about it, but a few tracks really stood out to me (the album soon caught up). The one track that still gives me feels is "Last Goodbye." Albeit a bonus track, but the one that makes me you think back to your former flame and love lost.

The "Animal" Billboard remix off Keshas partner album to Animal, Cannibal, is a focused, straightforward remix that gives a depth that the original was missing.

One of the most original songs Kesha has ever recorded brings in the horns and the fun and with kiss-off lyrics that prove she's in control.

There is something insanely freeing about "Only Wanna Dance With You." Not only an excellent karaoke track to get your crowd hyped, but a totally fun cut to add to any house party mix.

A total crowd-pleaser for all the animals and warriors, "Hungover" brings powerhouse Kesha vocals and lyrics that are tumblr worthy for all the vibes.

"Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You" was rerecorded (with Dolly Parton herself) for Kesha's number 1 third album, Rainbow. This version was off her Deconstructed EP and varies greatly as her vocals are more subdued versus the grandiose vocals on the latter. However, Deconstructed feels like a foreshadowing into the way Kesha wanted to pivot her music.

Kesha feels most honest when she's restraining her vocals. There's something about her tone that cuts deep and feels full of integrity. "Past Lives" with Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne on assist (LIPSHA, never forget) dives into that territory head first and never reels back. The track is simple, beautiful, haunting and a compelling listen.

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