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A New Era: Where Good Things Happen

A New Era: Where Good Things Happen

Something that is always on my mind is how I can make Totally Good Time better. I often think how I can have this shop reflect my own passions that I know that we share, while moving forward in a progressive way. I’m often changing styles and designs and trying to improve upon what’s already in the shop. At the same time, I’m trying to improve upon myself IRL while making an attempt at a work/life balance that makes sense in my head. The kind of sense that we see online with lots of other shops and personalities that seemingly make it all look so easy. But it’s not, easy.

Yesterday I went and saw I Feel Pretty. I thought the movie was pretty good and I walked out feeling pretty good. Later that night I found myself thinking about the movie and further thoughts propelled my thinking into the next day (today as I write this). I went over to the I Feel Pretty Instagram account and it was pretty standard stuff. Then it hit me that Amy Schumer has this opportunity to take exactly what she was showcasing in the movie and make it an IRL showcase. I left a comment with that exact idea. I submitted the comment, put my phone down and walked away. I started walking around and began thinking. I thought about Totally Good Time and how I would like Totally Good Time to be more than what it is and have it be this hub for real people, doing real things, having real talks, in real life.

So why don’t we do it?

The shop is filled with statements and my goal is to merge those statements with what’s happening in real life. This feels like a natural progression that has been happening over the past year, and now it's just being pushed to the point of no return. Let’s make this a place where good things happen. On my end, I have limited structure with a limited idea. I only have a vague thought of what will be next. But what I do know is that we’re in this together. The images online and personas online, even from the accounts that attempt to debunk that idea, have failed me. Let’s get into this and let’s get into it now.

Totally Good Time is where good things happen and I want to hear from you. I want to know what is your “big mood” – literally. Can we be okay feeling average? Are cancelled plans your favorite plans, why? I'd like to pull some quotes from your replies and post those online (linking to full reply) and let our like-minded friends know that they are not alone in what they might be feeling. I'll share these online.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that we’re not alone in reaching for something good. We want the good and we deserve the good. Let’s kick this off and start here. Here's some more questions to get you thinking.

Who is there for you during the good times?

What drives you?

What moves you?

What makes you feel things?

When do you realize you’re unhappy? When do you realize you’re happy?

Where do you feel most comfortable?

How do you get through particular rough times?

How are you doing?

Feel free to comment to this post or email (anonymously or not) at with subject line, "Good Things Happen."

In Good Times I Trust,