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GUGHD Newsletter 016 June 2017

GUGHD Newsletter 016 June 2017

Happy Summer Good Time Gang!

Last issue we teased our Instagram photo contest and this issue we are officially kicking it off! We have some tips and  ideas to share below. Our GUGHD Summer Photo Contest Starts NOW! Here's how to get started:

The goal is to snap photos of a totally good time. Easy enough, right? This could be clusters of colorful balloons, beach side camp fires, bike rides into sunsets, grassy knolls to read books upon, friends gathering for parties, concerts that give you feels, strangers laughing down streets or even walks home that make you feel good.

If your favorite item from Totally Good Time is in the shot, well, there might be special brownie points (let's keep it real, there are.).

Be sure you're following us on Instagram, tag us (@totallygoodtime) and hashtag your photo #GUGHDsummer. You can submit as many photos as you’d like. The contest ends Thursday, July 27th. (All photos tagged are giving consent for a possible regram from the shop.)

The winner of the contest will receive a $100 gift card to the shop. But wait, there's more! There will be a 2nd place winner who receives a $50 gift card and a 3rd place winner who will win a $25 gift card. What! Amazing.

Recently, we escaped to Coney Island and have some pics below to hopefully provide some inspo. These were all shot with iPhone and no editing or filters were used for these newsletter examples. Additionally, here are some tips that we try and abide by when snapping for TGT.

1. Do something. Move! Jump! Dance! Eat! Wave! Action shots go a long way.
2. Brightness and contrast are your friend. A nice toggle of using the right balance of brightness and contrast within Instagram or on a photo app can really take a photo from dark and stormy to sunny delight.
3. Have fun! Breathe, take a beat and let loose. Something genuine happens when you let your guard down in a photo. It could be a person in the photo or even a TGT top draped over a chair. It feels just right when it’s not so forced.

This contest is meant to be fun and spark some joy in your life! The current news cycle that seems inescapable each and every day on and offline has us overwhelmed. Let’s escape and spread some good times to our fellow friends, family and followers through this contest!

Have fun and let your freak flag fly!

Yours in a Good Time,

TGT Shop Owner

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