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September Newsletter

September Choices!

The time has come to make a choice! Decision 2016 is here! Gilmore Girls or Stranger Things? Okay, okay, no choice needed (who could choose?), but a whole new collection has made its way into the shop. Find Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, throwback looks and companion styles to your fave TGT garments you may already own. Let's look closer, shall we?

Totally Cute and Totally New

The increasing news coverage of Decision 2016 reminds me of one thing - the power of choice! New colors, styles and options have been added to the shop. Find new ringer tees, bright hues and moody garments!

Death by Greys.

Cross these characters off your list, because they are dead and buried and not coming back for season 13 of Greys. There's one name that typically trips you all up. Reply to the this email with a list of each full character name and I'll send you back a coupon code for 50% off any item.


  • Here's the breakdown. Twitter we do lots of RT giveaways and general trending topic announcements. Follow on Instagram to see the newest looks as they're added and watch updates on stories. Facebook...Haven't cracked that code yet. Just give a "like" because it's a sad place. (And P.S. On tumblr we just have general euphoric fun that's not allll related to the shop.)

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