August Newsletter (Abbreviated!)

Kyle Menard

Posted on September 23 2016

August Newsletter (Abbreviated!)

UGH, August.

The sizzling summer month has arrived and that's reason number one to take off your shirt. And put another on, of course! Tons of new tops have been added and some have departed. It's like Netflix. Here's a few that are getting the most attention.

::side eye to the other tops::

Stranger Things. Obsessed. Made a top that we can obsess over together. The ringer tee option has been added because how could we not, amirite? As we await countless Etsy shops to copy this original concept, rest assured the shop is the only place you can snag this subtle-y (new word) awesome tee.

Four new tops above that are grabbing some affection and attention. Scream Queens Chanel's, evol (typo, oops!), death by Greys and cute, but psycho, but cute! Tap (or click, Mom) the pic above for more info.

3 Ways to Win Free Tops

1. Follow on Twitter. If you're not following the shop on Twitter, you're missing out on free merch! This is the number one place for our giveaways. From Orange is the New Black to Gilmore Girls apparel, it's all happening.

2. Follow on Instagram. Follow, tag, repost and you could win a new top by weeks end. Don't miss out. We usually give out two to one winner. So there's that.

3. Like on Facebook. Just kidding! Facebook is not our strong suit. Like just to support because our page is such a dud and you're tossing us a pity like. ::blows kisses::


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