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Summer Styles New to the Shop

Hi friends!

Hope you're all having a great first day of summer. Did you know today, summer solstice, is also a full moon. It's the first time this has happened in 70 years, so you better soak up those moon beams.

Wanted to stop by the blog for a brief update after these first initial weeks at the new totallygoodtime.com. Being off Etsy has actually been quite nice! I feel as though I can give you a better shopping experience and move away from some minor minutia associated with Etsy. Currently, I have the shop about 80% updated and have added many new styles which I'm lurving. 

I've also been working on the newsletter and sent the fist one last night. If you didn't get it, have no fear. Another one is coming up in the first week of July and will be mentioning a few things from this post.

Some of the things I'm working on are new styles and more color options. It feels like now is the time to expand upon some of those aspects of the shop. Right? Time to go over the rainbow!

That's about it! Just a quick update to let you know the site is rocking and rolling and I'm happy you stopped by! Looking forward to the future and to a whole new totally good time! - Kyle


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