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GUGHD Newsletter 011 April 2017

Hello friends!

Another month, another newsletter! If this is your first newsletter, thanks for signing up! If you've been a part of the TGT Newsletter Gang for awhile, thanks for still being here! This newsletter is about new things in the shop and new attitudes in the life. First, let's talk shop! Literally and metaphorically.

One thing that's been worked on in the shop more than anything else is cohesion. I've been paying attention to what you guys like and what you guys love. So far, bets are placed on nostalgia, current/trending pop culture and gifts for friends. You guys really like sending gifts for friends from the shop. Thinking of ways to make the gift giving experience even better for you. Speaking of experience...

Some of you may know that the shop was formally on Etsy. Etsy is a funny beast. Virtually anything goes. Totally Good Time had a little bit of everything. I've come to realize that with the stand alone shop, having a little bit of everything doesn't really work. With that said, some of the inventory is being downsized. Fear not, it's not completely vanishing from TGT, gotta represent. What I'm doing is a little bit more of authenticity and a little bit less of literally what every other shop is doing.

The voice of the newsletter will change a little bit too. I want you to know someone is writing this that cares about every piece in the shop, how you receive it and ultimately, you. When you're not yourself for so long, it becomes very hard to be yourself. I want to encourage you to be yourself and express yourself however you want. We'll do that together.

In the meantime, I hope the newsletter is easier to read and that your spring has officially sprung.

Yours in a good time,
Kyle, TGT Shop Owner

P.S. On the horizon is frequent shopper rewards! Stay tuned!

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